In this course you learn how to program in Solidity to develop and deploy Ethereum blockchain application.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this self-paced, hands-on, online course, you’ll understand:

  • Solidity language and the Remix development environment.
  • Basics of Solidity and Solidity construct.
  • Using Solidity to write Smart Contracts
  • Running and testing Solidity applications using Truffle
  • Basic understanding of Blockchain Use Cases in business.

And you’ll be able to:

  • Understand Solidity programming.
  • Understand compiling Solidity into Ethereum.
  • Test Solidity applications using tools like Truffle
  • Update Solidity Smart Contracts.
  • Validate the results of Solidity Smart Contract

Topics and Subtopics

Here is the outline of topics and subtopics covered in this course:

1. Introduction to Blockchain Technology

2- Introduction to Ethereum

3. Second Generation of Blockchains

  • ·The new Blockchain, blockchain 2.0
  • ·Blockchain operation
  • ·Blockchain benefits and disadvantages

4. Introduction to Solidity: Remix, and other Development environments:

Here we will make an Introduction to the Remix development environment. Review editor, menus and views. The basic features of Remix are explored.

  • ·Remix Development environment Overview
  • ·Remix Views, and editor
  • ·Creating a Solidity Script
  • ·Compiling a script
  • ·Running a Script
  • ·Exercise

5. Writing Contracts and evaluating conditions

A large part of contract writing is modeling logic and testing conditions. In this section, we will review contract logic, testing conditions, using if statements and other constructs.

  • ·Rules and Logic
  • ·If Statements
  • ·Other constructs
  • ·Exercise

6. Solidity Constructs

 In this section, we will review objects, functions and loops and show you how to use them in Solidity programming language.

  • ·Functions in Solidity
  • ·Conditional statements
  • ·Objects and loops
  • ·Data Structure
  • ·Exercise

7. Solidity object: methods

In this section, will review be creating objects and their methods and functions in Solidity programming language. We will discuss methods input parameters and returned data.

  • ·Validating Objects
  • ·Creating detailed attributes and methods
  • ·Implement set value, and get value
  • ·Exercise: Run exercise on build objects, with attributes, functions and methods.

8. Solidity object: Smart Contract

In this section, we will put it all together. We will compile and test the smart contract using Solidity programming language. We will also debug the contract.

  • ·Smart Contract logic
  • ·Writing the Smart Contract
  • ·Compiling and Unit Testing
  • ·Testing in the Ethereum Test environment.
  • ·Exercise: Add Smart Contract code, verify and compile

9. Solidity Deployment using Truffle 

·Presentation: Truffle is a development pipeline for Ethereum. In this section, we will review Truffles’ features, and discuss its popular use cases.

  • ·Deployment of scripts in Truffle
  • ·Execution, and validation
  • ·Exercise
  • ·Redeployment discussion

10- Ethereum Use Cases

  • ·Learn about ERC 20 Tokens
  • ·Learn about Supply Chain, and Brave Browser
  • ·Learn about the Record Keeping Use case
  • ·Ethereum and the Internet-of-Things
  • ·Ethereum Smart Cities, and Health Care


Good knowledge of JavaScript and Node.JS as well as basic knowledge of Linux commands is required.

If you are not familiar with blockchain technology, taking Intro to Blockchain Technology course is highly recommended.

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