In this course you learn how to develop and deploy Ethereum blockchain application via Solidity programming.

Learning Objectives

• Review architecture and components of Ethereum

• What are DApps and how they work

• Cover all topics and syntaxes for doing Solidity programming

• Create and deploy your first DApp using Ethereum

• Setup and use Truffle.JS framework to compile Smart Contracts and automate contract testing

Topics and Subtopics

Here is is the outline of topics and subtopics covered in this course:

1- Introduction to Ethereum

2- Second generation of Blockchains

-         The new Blockchain, blockchain 2.0

-         Blockchain operation

-         Blockchain benefits and disadvantages

3- Ethereum and Cryptography

-         Blockchain and Hashing

-         Blockchain Cryptology

-         Blockchain Network

-         Ethereum and Cryptography

4- The Ethereum Differences

-         The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

-         The Ethereum Network

-         Smart Contracts

-         Ether and Gas

-         The Ethereum Difference

5- The Ethereum Contract Remix

-         Remix editor

-         The Ethereum Network

-         Remix Modules: File Explorer and Editor

-         Remix Modules: Compile and Deploy

-         Remix Modules: Debugging

-         Remix Modules: Running and logging Contracts

-         The Ethereum Contract Remix

6- Structure of a Smart Contract

-         Smart Contract: version, data types

-         Smart Contract address data types

-         Smart Contract data structures

-         Smart Contract loops

-         Smart Contract error handling

-         Structure of a Smart Contract

7- Smart Contract Functions

-         Function basics

-         The Smart Contract function visibility

-         Smart Contract Calling and declaring functions

-         Smart Contract function Inheritance

-         Smart Contract pure functions and modifiers

-         Smart Contract function constructors

-         Overloading Smart Contract functions

-         Smart Contract Functions

8- Ethereum Client-Side Applications

-         Ganache, Node.js

-         Installing Metamask

-         Truffle project

-         Deploying Smart Contract to Ethereum

-         Use the Truffle console to call the contract

-         Import Ethereum account to Metamask

-         Web3.js, html, and JavaScript for DApps

-         Ethereum Client-Side Applications

9- Ethereum Testing

-         Ethereum testing on Remix and Truffle

-         Remix Tests

-         Truffle Testing with JavaScript

-         Build JavaScript tests with Truffle

-         Run JavaScript Tests to validate contracts

-         Ethereum Client-Side Applications

10- Ethereum Use Cases

-         Ethereum Use Cases

-         Learn about ERC 20 Tokens

-         Learn about Supply Chain, and Brave Browser

-         Learn about the Record Keeping Use case

-         Ethereum and the Internet-of-Things

-         Ethereum Smart Cities, and Health Care


Good knowledge of JavaScript and Node.JS as well as basic knowledge of Linux commands is required.

If you are not familiar with blockchain technology, taking Intro to Blockchain Technology course is highly recommended.

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