This private tutoring or coaching class is for any questions, problems or issues you have related to our below self-paced courses.

  1. Intro to HTML and CSS
  2. Intro to HTML 5 and CSS3 
  3. Advance HTML5 and CSS3
  4. Intro to JavaScript
  5. Intermediate JS with jQuery, JSON and Ajax
  6. Learn Node.JS, Express.JS and MongoDB
  7. Intro to Angular.JS Framework
  8. Intro to React.JS Framework
  9. Vue.JS Framework
  10. Learn PHP Programming
  11. Intro to PHP OOP
  12. Web Development with PHP & MySQL
  13. Web Design with WordPress
  14. WordPress Customization through Coding
  15. Intro to Joomla CMS
  16. Joomla Customization via Coding
  17. Introduction to Drupal CMS
  18. Drupal Customization with Coding
  19. Web Design with Bootstrap
  20. User Experience Best Practices
  21. Intro to Search Engine Optimization


If you already have taken any of below courses or have basic knowledge of web design or development, you would be good to take this tutoring class.

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