This course is the continuation of our two previous PHP courses ( below links).

To enforce your learning, this self-paced course is organized as one big practical e-commerce project. In each step, you build a part of e-commerce site while learning advance PHP features.

Topics and Subtopics

This course covers the following outline:

  •  Required characteristics of an E-commerce site
  •  Authentication and authorization for customers and admin
  •  Data validation & storing data in a database
  •  Building a custom shopping cart
  •  Persisting shopping cart data securely over multiple pages via sessions
  •  PayPal button (Buy Now and Add to Card) integration
  •  PayPal Instant Payment Notification API integration
  •  Storing product and customer data in database
  •  Order processing via the web
  •  Implementing order system security using SSL
  •  Using Mail Servers (SMTP and Sendmail) for client communication
  •  Configuring Email Output Parameters
  •  Create custom admin portal for monitoring database, orders and customers


Good knowledge of PHP, MySQL and PHP OOP or the following classes is required:

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