Publish Paid Guest Post Articles

We have several websites with Domain Authority 60+ in the areas of Information Technology (IT) such as coding and technology training and IT consulting services. We provide online marketers with paid guest post service to get back-links to their sites or clients. Please review this page before contacting us.

Sites and Rates

A.                 High school technology services or $490

B.                 Coding Bootcamps: $390

C.                 Self-paced training platform: $890

D.                 DC Web Makers- Blockchain services: $390

E.                  Touchstone Words- $290


- site currently only accepts technical tutorial articles. Its blog site is under construction.

-         Above rates are in USD and for only 1 article post with one do-follow permanent back-link. We charge $90 for extra do-follow back-link. Max links in an article should be 3.

-         Touchstone Words site accepts articles outside of IT niche such as psychology, music, sex/dating, etc.

-         We are based in Washington DC, so most of our site visitors are based in USA with high income.  

How to Apply

1-     Read our Terms and Requirements to understand what we are looking for.

2-     Send us (via email: info at or our contact us form) a short pitch on what you want to write as well as back-link you want to be included in article.

3-     We review and approve/reject it.

4-     You write whole article and submit it to us.

5-     We review and approve/reject it.

6-     You make a payment via PayPal or debit/credit card.

7-     We publish your article within 48 hours and share its link with you.

Terms and Requirements

1-     We usually do not write article contents; however, if you wish to hire us, we charge $100 per technical blog post or $290 per technical tutorial post.

2-     We only accept payments after we review and accept your article.

3-     Article pictures are optional.

4-     We only accept well-written (no typo or grammar) articles with minimum 500 words and in English language.

5-     We only accept articles in our IT niche.

6-     There will no refund once your article is published.

7-     We offer discount for bulk orders after we establish trustworthy business relationship.

8-     We have zero-tolerance for copyright violations, so if we receive a claim regarding an article, we shall remove it from our sites without any refund.

9-     We do NOT accept contents that pure promotional like service pitches or product reviews.