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We have several websites with Domain Authority 60+ in the areas of Information Technology (IT) such as coding and technology training and IT consulting services. We provide online marketers with paid guest post service to get back-links to their sites or clients. Please review this page before contacting us.

Sites and Rates

A.                 High school technology services or $490

B.                 Coding Bootcamps: $390

C.                 Self-paced training platform: $890

D.                 DC Web Makers- Blockchain services: $390

E.                  Touchstone Words- $290


- site currently only accepts technical tutorial articles. Its blog site is under construction.

-         Above rates are in USD and for only 1 article post with one do-follow permanent back-link. We charge $90 for extra do-follow back-link. Max links in an article should be 3.

-         Touchstone Words site accepts articles outside of IT niche such as psychology, music, sex/dating, etc.

-         We are based in Washington DC, so most of our site visitors are based in USA with high income.  

How to Apply

1-     Read our Terms and Requirements to understand what we are looking for.

2-     Send us (via email: info at or our contact us form) a short pitch on what you want to write as well as back-link you want to be included in article.

3-     We review and approve/reject it.

4-     You write whole article and submit it to us.

5-     We review and approve/reject it.

6-     You make a payment via PayPal or debit/credit card.

7-     We publish your article within 48 hours and share its link with you.

Terms and Requirements

1-     We usually do not write article contents; however, if you wish to hire us, we charge $100 per technical blog post or $290 per technical tutorial post.

2-     We only accept payments after we review and accept your article.

3-     Article pictures are optional.

4-     We only accept well-written (no typo or grammar) articles with minimum 500 words and in English language.

5-     We only accept articles in our IT niche.

6-     There will no refund once your article is published.

7-     We offer discount for bulk orders after we establish trustworthy business relationship.

8-     We have zero-tolerance for copyright violations, so if we receive a claim regarding an article, we shall remove it from our sites without any refund.

9-     We do NOT accept contents that pure promotional like service pitches or product reviews. 

Meetup Event Sponsorship

We organize Meetup community events in Washington DC metro areas. Our events are geared toward web developers, software engineers and system admin looking for jobs, want to learn new topics, or do the networking. Visit the below links to see our groups:

As of Jan 2022, we have 6000 active members in all of our 3 groups.

Here are our sponsorship plans per group:

One-time Sponsorship

  • One mass-email: $290
  • One post in our discussion board: $250
  • One exclusive sponsored event: $390

Ongoing Sponsorship

  • $190 per month- Billed annually. 

It allows your company name, url, and logo to be listed in our sponsor page as well as about page. It gives you highest exposure to our growing community.

How to Join

We accept payments via PayPal, credit or debit card.

If interested, contact us via email at dcwebmakers at gmail dot com with "Meetup Event Sponsorship" in the subject line.

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