This course is the continuation of our previous Learn PHP Programming course.

Topics and Subtopics

Here is the course outline:

1- PHP Refresher

  • Operators
  • Conditional constructs
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Arrays

2- Introduction to the Apache Web Server

  •  Apache Configuration Files
  •  Configuring Apache for PHP
  •  WWW Sites within Apache
  •  Apache Virtual Hosts
  •  Website Properties

3- Error Handling and Debugging

  • Error Types and Basic Debugging
  • Displaying PHP Errors
  • Adjusting Error Reporting in PHP
  • Creating Custom Error Handlers
  • PHP Debugging Techniques

4- Working with Data Files in PHP

  •  Changing and Editing File Contents
  •  Splitting and Joining Information Inside Files
  •  String Functions
  •  Regular Expression Functions
  •  Reading, Writing and Deleting Files
  •  Handling File Permissions
  •  File Locking
  •  Reading Directory Contents
  •  Creating and Deleting Directories

5- Using Cookies with PHP

  •  Purpose of Cookies
  •  Cookie Myths
  •  Setting Cookies
  •  Retrieving Cookies
  •  Expiring Cookies
  •  Deleting Cookies
  •  Storing Arrays in Cookies

Project 1- Handing file upload in HTML forms

Project 2- Saving HTML form data in a text file

Project 3- Process & email HTML form data via Ajax


Basic knowledge of PHP or the below course:

Learn PHP Programming

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