This course is the continuation of our previous Learn PHP Programming course. After finishing this course, you should take our PHP OOP course.

Topics and Subtopics

Here is the course outline:

PHP Refresher

  • Operators
  • Data types
  • Constants
  • Operators

Session 1: References  

1.1: Assign by Reference 

1.2: Return by Reference

1.3: Pass by Reference

Session 2: Arrays 

2.1: Initializing an Array

2.2: Check if key exists

2.3: Validating the array type

2.4: Creating an array of variables

2.5: Checking if a value exists in array

2.6: ArrayAccess and Iterator Interfaces


Session 3: Array iteration

3.1: Iterating multiple arrays together

3.2: Using an incremental index

3.3: Using internal array pointers

3.4: Using foreach

3.5: Using ArrayObject Iterator


Session 4: Executing Upon an Array 

4.1: Applying a function to each element of an array

4.2: Split array into chunks

4.3: Imploding an array into string

4.4: "Destructuring" arrays using list()

4.5: array_reduce 

4.6: Push a Value on an Array

Session 5: Manipulating an Array

5.1: Filtering an array

5.2: Removing elements from an array  

5.3: Sorting an Array

5.4: Whitelist only some array keys

5.5: Adding element to start of array

5.6: Exchange values with keys

5.7: Merge two arrays into one array


Session 6: Processing Multiple Arrays Together

6.1: Array intersection

6.2: Merge or concatenate arrays

6.3: Changing a multidimensional array to associative array

6.4: Combining two arrays (keys from one, values from another)


Session 7: Datetime Class

7.1: Create Immutable version of DateTime from Mutable prior PHP 5.6

7.2: Add or Subtract Date Intervals

7.3: getTimestamp

7.4: setDate

7.5: Create DateTime from custom format

7.6: Printing DateTimes


Session 8: Working with Dates and Time  

8.1: Getting the dierence between two dates / times

8.2: Convert a date into another format

8.3: Parse English date descriptions into a Date format

8.4: Using Predefined Constants for Date Format


Session 9: Control Structures  

9.1: if else

9.2: Alternative syntax for control structures

9.3: while

9.4: do-while

9.5: goto

9.6: declare

9.7: include & require

9.8: return

9.9: for

9.10: foreach

9.11: if elseif else

9.12: if 

9.13: switch

Session 10: Loops 

10.1: continue

10.2: break  

10.3: foreach 

10.4: do.while

10.5: for

10.6: while 


Session 11: Functions 

11.1: Variable-length argument lists

11.2: Optional Parameters

11.3: Passing Arguments by Reference

11.4: Basic Function Usage

11.5: Function Scope

Project 1- Handing file upload in HTML forms

Project 2- Saving HTML form data in a text file

Project 3- Process & email HTML form data via Ajax


Basic knowledge of PHP or the below course:

Learn PHP Programming

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