This self-paced course is the continuation of our previous Intro to HTML5 and CSS3 course. In this class, we build an elegant fully responsive website from scratch step-by-step. While building the site, we teach you HTML5 and CSS3 tricks for making web pages look professional. We will also discuss practical tips on how to improve a website performance for handling high visitor traffics.

Course Outline

1- Creating the head – Doctype and Meta Tags

2- Creating the head – CSS files

3- Creating the head – JavaScript / jQuery files

4- Creating the body – Introduction 

5- Creating the body – Building the website structure

6- Creating the styling – Defining the global rules

7- Creating the styling – Defining the section rules

8- Creating the styling – Making it responsive

9- Creating the JavaScript – Coding the slider content

10- Creating the JavaScript – Coding the alternative menu

11- Additional features – Creating skiplinks

12- Improving our site´s performance


If you are not familiar with HTML, HTML5, CSS and CSS3, taking Intro to HTML and CSS, Intermediate to HTML and CSS and intro to HTML5 and CSS3 classes is required.

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