This is the second part of article which reviews the last 5 practical tactics for harnessing the power of open source communities. In the previous article, we discuss tactics like reporting or fixing bugs, attending committee events, or do part-time volunteering. Click here to read more.

  • Community Forums and Q/A Discussions
    Many open source communities have Q/A forums where you can share your skills and knowledge with others, especially beginner to junior programmers. By reviewing and answering other questions, not only you improve your skills and knowledge, but also you can add them to your resume. It shows that you’re serious and knowledgeable about a platform, framework or coding language.

  • New Feature Suggestions
    To demonstrate your passion or love of an open source framework, platform or coding language, you can make suggestions on adding new features or functionalities to it. While going to a technical interview, just make sure to mention that. It shows that you care about coding and open source community.

  • Get Paid Jobs
    Every now and then, open source communities post their part-time or full-time opportunities. So check them routinely and if you are an active member of that community, the chances are you would be able to get the paid jobs much easier than someone who does not have track of record of community engagement.

  • Contribute to GitHub
    If you have a GitHub account with a list of your projects, it would be good to join your favorite community GitHub page and create and tag projects to them. It gives you more visibility especially among technical recruiters.

  • Combination of Above
    You can combine at least 3-5 of said tactics to get more visibility in the open source community and potential technical recruiters. The key is to select tactics that are in line with your skills. Also, you should add or list them in your resume so that recruiters can pick them up.

In this article, we covered the last five creative ways for engaging in open source community which result in boosting your IT career. Every effort you make toward contributing to a popular or your favorite open source framework or library will pay off well in the eyes of technical recruiters as long as they are in line with your IT career path.

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