Open source programming and its active community is growing very rapidly as many companies are adopting and using open source solutions. Even, large IT companies like Microsoft and Oracle has moved some of their proprietary projects into open source. However, many job candidates either underestimate or overlook the importance of open source community while many technical employers are considering criteria such as open source engagement as an indication of candidates’ passion for programming or continuous learning. Thus, in this article, I share 10 practical tips with job candidates for contributing and engaging in open source community which eventually help them stand out among qualified job applicants.

This is the first part of article which reviews the first 5 practical tactics for harnessing the power of open source communities. In the next article, we shall review the other 5 tactics.

  • Report and Fix Bugs
    If you are a fan of coding language or framework, it is good to engage in its community by reporting or fixing bugs. It allows you to boost your skills while sharing your knowledge with that community.
  • Adding a Plugin or Extension
    This tactic allows you to demonstrate your skills by developing a plugin or an extension for your favorite coding language or framework. For instance, if you like to show your skills as a WordPress developer, create a custom plugin and publish it on WordPress site.

  • Attend Technical Committee Meeting
    Many open source communities are non-profit organizations that run by volunteers and some committees. First step is to become a member of that community, then make your way to become a member of technical team. It shines on your resume.

  • Do Volunteering
    Many open source communities run by part-time volunteers. Just check their websites for their volunteer opportunities. It is very easy to apply and get a volunteer role in well-known open source organizations. You can list them on your resume.

  • Create Technical Tutorials or Articles
    It is out of question that there is no better way to impress your technical recruiters than saying you’ve published 5-10 technical tutorials or articles at a reputable site like IBM. It demonstrates your passion and skills in that area. Many open source communities are looking for technical contents, so just find them.

In this article, we covered the first 5 creative ways for engaging in open source community which result in boosting your IT career. Every effort you make toward contributing to a popular or your favorite open source framework or library will pay off well in the eyes of technical recruiters as long as they are in line with your IT career path.

In the next follow up article, we cover the rest of practical tactics for open source community engagement.

About Author
This article is written by Matt Zand who is the founder of High School Technology Services, DC Web Makers and Coding Bootcamps.He has written extensively on advance topics on web design, mobile App development and blockchain. He is a senior editor at Touchstone Words where he writes and reviews coding and technology articles. He is also senior instructor and developer living in Washington DC. You can follow him on Linkedin.